How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive

May 3rd, 2016

If you’re old enough to think back to pre-internet times, it’s actually quite amazing how vastly everything’s changed. Cell phones used to be bulky, large and a rarity; newspapers were the predominant way to advertise; and the only way to communicate with people across the world was through phone or snail mail. Sounds alien and prehistoric, right?

Flash forward to present day and we live in a whole new world filled with everything technology, from Facebook to Pinterest to Twitter and much more. What’s more is that this outpouring of technology-riddled platforms has burst to life in what seems to be the blink of an eye.

It’s simple to communicate with anyone in real time via Internet chats, sharing a picture with your family in another country is as simple as texting a selfie, and coordinating plans with a group of friends is as easy as creating a group chat.

However, it’s foolish to assume that while the world has gravitated toward and embraced technology and its convenience with open arms, that these changes affect only our personal lives. We cannot assume that while texting is the new “talking,” newspapers are still as reliable and effective as ever for marketing. As our daily lives have been impacted by the ever-promising, ever simplistic world of technology, so has the way we create awareness about companies, their brands and what they do.

The majority of the current generation of consumers is well versed with social media and as familiar with it as the previous generation was with newspapers and magazines. Social media has become an appendage and also an impulse. Moreover, the social media syndrome has transcended all age groups and genders. It’s why platforms like Facebook and Twitter have keenly and intelligently tapped into advertising. It’s why Instagram has begun to strategically place ads between posts. There’s money to be made from social media—tons of it.

If you’re a business and you don’t have a presence on social media, you are likely losing out on brand recognition, penetrability into your target market and profits. By exploring social media outlets for your business and doing simple things like correctly using tag words to help these platforms thrust your company name out there when specific words are searched, you are increasing exposure for your company and reaching out to an audience that otherwise is not intimate with paper mediums like newspapers and magazines as much as it is with emojis and hashtags.

Case in point, think about how often you go to a public place and see people glued like zombies to their cell phones; there’s a reason why every social media platform has an app. And by taking advantage of how wisely social media has been able to infiltrate the world and choosing to market through these platforms, your company can maximize dollars spent, increase its presence and enter a realm of new possibilities and growth.

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